Our mission is to make great art affordable. For those doing their own framing, here are some tips to get a great result without breaking the budget:

The first thing to decide is if you want to use a mat? What is a mat? A matboard, also known as a mat, is that (normally white) cardboard like material that separates your image and the picture frame. 

If you decide to go with a mat, you need to buy a frame that is larger than the print size. For example you can find frames that are A2 and have an A3 mat opening. Keep an eye out for these larger frames with the mats included in them. This will give your print a much larger presence on your wall. 

So should I buy a print with or without a white border?

We sell our prints either with or without a white border (full bleed). A white border is an unprinted section on the edges of the paper. The white border helps you when framing as it gives you somewhere to hold without touching the printed surface (gloves are very handy as they will prevent fingerprints). It also means that the edge of the frame/mat won´t be covering any of your image. However, if you are using a pre-made frame with a mat, you might not like the look of the mat plus the extra white of the printed border. Or perhaps you simply prefer the modern look of full bleed with no mat so that the image goes all the way to the frame. In these cases, a print without border could be a better option. Just keep in mind that a very small part of the edge of your image will be covered.

Note our paper size is A3 (29.7 x 42.0cm, 11.69 x 16.53 inches) so if you choose to include a white border, the image size will be 1 inch (2.54 cm) smaller than the mentioned dimensions.

Where can I find frames?

For our Australian customers - stores such as Spotlight, Officeworks, Kmart and French Knot have pre-made frames that are A2 with an A3 mat opening For example:



Or for a modern, full bleed to the frame, try this size:



Another good option is to custom order a frame at FRAME SHOP. You will find our print size in the standard sizes drop down menu.

Don´t forget to add a mat if you have decided to go with that look! A practical choice can be a single, white mat that has a white core.

OFF THE WALL FRAMING has frames with an A3 mat opening or without a mat. Don´t forget to choose your mat colour from the drop down menu.  


Handling care

We package our prints with the upmost care so when you receive it, be sure to open it carefully. Make sure that your hands are clean (or ideally use cotton gloves) and try to touch the printed surface as little as possible.